1.16 – Define Your Reader

In this episode, I . . .

Talk about how to define your target reader.

-When you write a book, you want to write it for a specific reader. The more specific the better.
-It helps if you have an actual person you’re writitng for.
-Share a story with the editor or agent of who that reader is and why you decided to write your book for them.
-You can also make up and imaginary reader and get detailed about what his or her life is like.
-If or when you have actual readers (fans), you can start writing for them.

So put some thought into it. Try and be specific, not vague. While many people might read your book, you will write a better book if you have a target reader in mind.

In the next video I’m doing my first Q & A Live. I’ll be answering the question, “What to do when you run out of ideas when writing your story?”

Keep on writing!