1.20 – How I Cut 33K From My Novel

In this episode, I . . .

Share six tips for how I cut 33,000 words from my epic fantasy novel.

1. “Save as” to protect your original manuscript from your major edit. That way if you delete something and later want it back, you can find it.

2. I made a list of chapters and scenes and put them on a grid so that I could see the whole book at a glance. In each box I put the chapter number, listed the scenes, and put the number of pages beside each scene.

3. I went through and suptracted 20% from each chapter’s page count, then I put my new page count goal in a circle at the bottom of the box. This changed my overwhelming goal of cutting 50K from the book to a couple hundred small goals of cutting a few pages here and there.

4. I made a “To Do List” and added it to my manuscript by adding comments.

5. I started at the beginning and cut 20% from the manuscript, little by little.

6. I added when I had to.

This process was painful because I sometimes had to cut things I liked, but it helped to create a tight manuscript.

Hope this helps you. Keep on writing!