1.4 – The Writing Process

In this episode I . . .

Explain how different writers create in different ways and talk about:

-Seat-of-the-Pants writers compared to Outliners compared to Hybrid writers.
-My writing process: I need to outline a little, otherwise—squirrel!—I get lost.
-How I storyboard my novels before writing my first draft.
-The benefits of learning to write fast.
-National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and how it can help you with your writing craft.

Writing novels is an art form. No two people do it exactly the same way. So gather tools, but if something doesn’t work, throw it out of your tool box. You don’t need it.

Do what works for you.





3 thoughts on “1.4 – The Writing Process”

  1. I am definitely a Hybrid writer. I write a whole outline, but I don’t really detail it. Sometimes my stories are based on my dreams. In that case, I have the dream in my head, and then I outline what comes later.

  2. I started working on a novel some time in 2016 and I just recently finished it. It is the first novel I have ever finished. I have read back through once or twice and realized: I have no plot. I wrote this story by the seat of my pants, and I realized that that strategy just does not work out for me.

    1. Do you think it would help you to have a loose plot before you start? Also, do you have a plan to fix your novel?If you wrote an entire story, something interesting must have happened. Did your character have a goal? And did he or she achieve it in the end?

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