1.7 – The 3 Stages of Writing Fiction

In this episode, I . . .

-Share the three stages of writing fiction: Brainstorming, Writing, and Editing.


-Brainstorming has two parts: Idea and Logistics.
-Idea is everything from coming up with a story concept to deciding genre and whether or not you’ll have magic, more than one point of view character, and storyworld ideas, etc.
-Logistics is going into more detail with character development, storyworld building, outlining the plot, storyboarding, etc.

-Writing is getting that first draft written. It also encompases the Discovery process, which is when you discover new things about your story and characters as you are writing that first draft.

-Editing is a little bit rewriting, a little bit refining, and a little bit perfecting.

No novel is ever perfect, but you do your best. And that happens in the editing stage. Next week we’ll get an overview of Stage One: Brainstorming.