1.9 – How To Come Up With Story Ideas

In this episode, I . . .

Tackle the first topic in the Brainstorming Stage: how to come up with an idea. We’ll discuss:

-Premise, which is the gist of your story, the idea, and how you explain what your story is about.

-All the different ways you can come up with story ideas, like:

  • Look around you. Ideas are everywhere.
  • Asking a “What if . . . ?” question.
  • Opposites attract. Combine two unrelated things (something familiar and something strange).
  • Build off your own storyworlds. Write spin-offs, prequels, and sequels.
  • Use what others have used. If you are itching to write a concept or story trope that has been told over and over, find a new way to tell that story and make it your own.
  • Retellings like, ancient myths, fairytales, classics, history, etc.
  • Get ideas from other books (not fan fiction, but be inspired by other stories and come up with your own).

I hope this will help you come up with a variety of really good ideas.