Below is a chronological list of episodes, starting with the very first one. Scroll to the bottom for more recent episodes or to get a peek at what is on my schedule in the coming weeks.

Episode 1.1: What Are Storyworld Shorts?

My introduction to Storyworld Shorts, how it works, and how to follow. Click here to view Episode 1.1.

Episode 1.2: Writing Rules

Where I talk about writing rules. Click here to view Episode 1.2.

Episode 1.3: My Story (Jill's Journey to Publication)

I tell the story of my first writer's conference, my first major rejection, and what that rejection taught me. Click here to watch Episode 1.3.

Episode 1.4: The Writing Process - coming 10-23-17

There is no ONE WAY to write a novel.

Episode 1.5: Make Them Care - coming 10-30-17

This is the most important MUST DO of writing a novel.