Below is a chronological list of episodes, starting with the very first one. Scroll to the bottom for more recent episodes or to get a peek at what is on my schedule in the coming weeks.

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Episode 1.1: What Are Storyworld Shorts?

My introduction to Storyworld Shorts, how it works, and how to follow. Click here to view Episode 1.1.

Episode 1.2: Writing Rules

Where I talk about writing rules. Click here to view Episode 1.2.

Episode 1.3: My Story (Jill's Journey to Publication)

I tell the story of my first writer's conference, my first major rejection, and what that rejection taught me. Click here to watch Episode 1.3.

Episode 1.4: The Writing Process

There is no ONE WAY to write a novel. Click here to watch episode 1.4.

Episode 1.5: Make Them Care

This is the most important MUST DO of writing a novel. Click here to watch episode 1.5.

Episode 1.6: How to Tell a Story

The basics of how to tell a story. Click here to watch episode 1.6.

Episode 1.7: The 3 Stages of Writing Fiction

I share the three stages to writing any kind of fiction novel. Click here to watch episode 1.7.

Episode 1.8: Stage One: Brainstorming

Click here to watch an overview of the first stage of writing a fiction novel.


Episode 1.9: How to Come Up With Story Ideas

Click here to watch episode 1.9, in which I discuss several ways to come up with ideas for a story.

Episode 1.10: Ideas Change, Grow, and Combine

In which I share the many ways my ideas for the story By Darkness Hid evolved before I started writing. Click here to watch episode 1.10.


Episode 1.11: High Concept Ideas

I talk about what a high concept is, how one could help you, and how to come up with one. Click here to watch.

Episode 1.12: Loglines

In this video, I discuss loglines, what they are and what they're not. Click here to watch episode 1.11.


Episode 1.13: Pitching Your Novel

I talk about pitching a novel, what works and what doesn't. Click here to watch.

Episode 1.14: Genres, Subgenres, and Genre Mashing

I talk give a brief overview of genres, subgenres, and genre mashing. Click here to watch.

Episode 1.15: How to Pick a Genre

I talk about how to pick a genre to write. Click here to watch.

Episode 1.16: Define Your Reader - coming soon

In which I talk about how to decide who you are writing for.

Episode 1.17: Q & A - What to do when you don't know what to write next - coming soon

I answer a question I get all the time: What do I do when I don't know what to write next?

Episode 1.18: Alternative Story Models - coming soon

We discuss several alternative story models.

Episode 1.19: Stand-Alone? Or Series? - coming soon

I talk about how to decide whether to write a stand-alone novel or a the first book in a series.