1.1 – What Are Storyworld Shorts?

In this episode I . . .

Answer the question: What are Storyworld Shorts? And I share why I decided to embark upon this new adventure.

I explain all the ways to follow Storyworld Shorts, such as:

1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Be sure to change your settings so you get notified when new videos are posted.
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Storyworld Shorts are by nature short. Each week these episodes will build upon one another and eventually give you a thorough understanding of how to write a novel. Some of the topics/series I will discuss in weeks to come are:

-How to come up with a great idea
-Creating compelling characters
-Different types of plots
-How to outline and plan your novel
-How to add themes to your story
-Tackling a major rewrite
-How to edit your book

I’ll also be doing a monthly Q&A Live video, in which I’ll answer listener questions. Submit your questions by clicking “Contact Jill” in the menu above. If you are new and don’t know where to start, check out the Archives page to get a list of all the episodes.

4 thoughts on “1.1 – What Are Storyworld Shorts?”

  1. Cool! I can’t wait for more of these. 🙂 Your book was a wonderful resource and I expect this will be as well.

    Also the beginning sound with the typing reminded me of the intro for Writing Excuses. 😛

    1. Glad you’re enjoying them, Jacob. And that’s funny about the typing part. I forgot Writing Excuses did that. 😉

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